Google Chrome for Windows

Google Chrome for Windows

63.0.3239.132 (32-bit)
(44.3 MB)
Updated Date:
January, 4th 2018
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Google Chrome for Windows is a browser which mixes a slight plan through stylish technology for making the Web quicker, securer, and cooler. You can perform anything by using one box, just type in the address bar and acquire counsels for equally exploration and Web pages. Thumbnails of your best sites allows you contact your desired pages directly with quick speed from one fresh tab. Desktop shortcuts let you to take off your desired Web apps direct from your desktop. A large number of users use Download Google Chrome offline installer for PC, it’s expected to fast increase momentum between other browsers.

Uses of Google Chrome


Explore directly
Explore and direct from the similar box. Select from consequences and counsels that perform according to your typing, containing your current explorations and stay in websites, therefore you can acquire everything you want instantly.

Type fewer
if you are exhausted of completing web forms by the similar info again and again. Now Autofill allows you to fill forms through only one tap. In addition, it workings through devices also — therefore you can avoid everything that small-screen typing. 

Pick up wherever you left off
Google Chrome takes your exposed tabs, bookmarks and current explorations from your computer to your phone or tablet, etc. Through this method you take your web on all of your devices. Only sign in on your all devices to continue syncing.

Practice a keener web
Google Chrome will give you the top of Google while browsing. Both of Chrome and Google work together to take you extra related proposals and structures through Google produces containing Voice Search and Google Now.

Create Chrome yours
you only like the method of Browsing through Chrome themes, apps and additions. Acquire direct to your desired web purposes with bookmarks and start pages. When you’ve establish Chrome, your customizations will be reserved in sync through all of your devices.